Extended deadline to Halloween 2020 for our anthology

The SINCERELY, SOV anthology deadline has been extended to Halloween, 2020. Submit your S.O.V. horror inspired stories and comics to psychedelic horror press at gmail dot com (no spaces).

We have received submissions but most are not inspired by or related to S.O.V. horror movies. One question to ask during your composition of a story, comic, or nonfiction piece might be: how is the aesthetic experience of an s.o.v. horror film different than that that of a b-movie horror film? A great deal of b-movie horror films did have decent budgets, known actors, and semi-professional budgets. What fascinates us about s.o.v. horror films is the feeling that literally anyone could have made it in a weekend or two with a crummy video camera, some cheap beer, and a few friends. Mistakes might abound but so do creative solutions, whimsical flights of fancy, art brut approaches, outsider art productions, and the palpable spirit of d.i.y. Consider films like THINGS and BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL to see what we mean. We will try to do a better job to promote this anthology over the next year. If you have already submitted and feel this may be too long a wait, we totally understand; please withdraw your submission if this is the case. We do encourage simultaneous submissions, however; so please compose something new, fresh, vibrant, deranged, whimsical—something that is only you forever, gazing at that puzzling s.o.v. horror box art and wondering what’s inside, what might have gone awry, and what enchanted someone enough to make a voyage on a little living nightmare at all.

Extended deadline to Halloween 2020 for our anthology

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