Extended deadline to Halloween 2020 for our anthology

The SINCERELY, SOV anthology deadline has been extended to Halloween, 2020. Submit your S.O.V. horror inspired stories and comics to psychedelic horror press at gmail dot com (no spaces).

We have received submissions but most are not inspired by or related to S.O.V. horror movies. One question to ask during your composition of a story, comic, or nonfiction piece might be: how is the aesthetic experience of an s.o.v. horror film different than that that of a b-movie horror film? A great deal of b-movie horror films did have decent budgets, known actors, and semi-professional budgets. What fascinates us about s.o.v. horror films is the feeling that literally anyone could have made it in a weekend or two with a crummy video camera, some cheap beer, and a few friends. Mistakes might abound but so do creative solutions, whimsical flights of fancy, art brut approaches, outsider art productions, and the palpable spirit of d.i.y. Consider films like THINGS and BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL to see what we mean. We will try to do a better job to promote this anthology over the next year. If you have already submitted and feel this may be too long a wait, we totally understand; please withdraw your submission if this is the case. We do encourage simultaneous submissions, however; so please compose something new, fresh, vibrant, deranged, whimsical—something that is only you forever, gazing at that puzzling s.o.v. horror box art and wondering what’s inside, what might have gone awry, and what enchanted someone enough to make a voyage on a little living nightmare at all.

Extended deadline to Halloween 2020 for our anthology

Looking for stories or comics for upcoming anthology (SINCERELY, S.O.V.: a tribute to s.o.v. horror films)

SINCERELY, S.O.V.: a tribute to s.o.v. horror films

Woefully inept? Unbearably trashy? Unwatchable? Badly written? Over-acted? Hammy? Boring? Cheaply made? Redundant? Ridiculous? Goofy? Or…something more?

Since professional studios did not back these films, they didn’t have to pass through any conventional filters. The desire to make these films surpassed the limitations and obstacles, which rear their terrible serpent heads in: the seams.

The seams.

Perhaps it’s THE SEAMS which is most interesting about these films. How, barely passably, did they achieve creature effects or kill sequences given their limitations in budget, actors, writing, and directing? What can we learn about the times, the creator’s lives, and forgotten class-struggles from bygone eras? What is the magical element present in these films which draws new audiences back to them despite their horrendously low ratings on IMDB?

The best of these films have something in common: sincerity—a sincerity to scare and shock and to create some simulacrum of believability in an artificial pulp world gone mad.

We are especially attracted to horror stories, novels, and films with grim settings. Think the lonely frozen outpost of The Thing, the terrible working conditions of King’s “Graveyard Shift,” the struggling writer of Ligotti’s “Alice’s Last Adventure,” or the jaded demiglaze over James Woods’ eyes in VIDEODROME.

Comic artists and writers are encouraged to submit. Experimentation and non-traditional approaches to storytelling are encouraged.

Deadline: June 1st, 2019. Token payment: 5 dollars and 5 contributor copies or 25 dollars and no contributor copies.

Submit to: psychedelichorrorpress at gmail dot com

Writer Length: 2k-4kish

Comic Artist Length: 5-20 pages of black and white sequential art

Looking for stories or comics for upcoming anthology (SINCERELY, S.O.V.: a tribute to s.o.v. horror films)

Interview with us published at Silent Motorist Media

I had a lot of fun talking with Justin Burnett about literature, comics, pulp, David Foster Wallace, Psychedelic Horror Press, social media personality schisms, Elizabeth von Dracula, Elizabeth von Dracula’s dentures, and Elizabeth von Dracula’s turnips stitched to human heads in her moonlit garden. Seriously though, check out this thoughtful and imaginative gent’s beautifully designed blog filled with thoughtful and unique posts.

Check it out here.

Interview with us published at Silent Motorist Media

The Network People by Bob Freville (PHP) available for pre-order

On May 26th, we will offer a dose of divine transgressive fiction by Bob Freville. Ever read a story which could make an angel cry? Oh, have you? Well, how about tales which could make a demon cry? Featuring 50 full-page illustrations by Nicholaus Patnaude. Pre-order available now.

The Network People by Bob Freville (PHP) available for pre-order

Bonespin Slipspace (PHP – 002) available for purchase & now shipping 

Bonespin Slipspace (PHP – 002) by Leo X. Robertson (with interior illustrations by Thuy Vi Pham) & a cover by Marc Molino is available for purchase at our store.

In Bonespin Slipspace, all is not what it seems. Rudy and Tammy may have made the biggest mistake of their lives by accepting an invitation to Blackburn’s manor to party with the depraved Manorites. Head-games, ghoulish hallucinations, and disturbing memories lurk around every corner of the psychic and physical labyrinth that is The Manor Experience. Rudy and Tammy may never get out alive, but, in Blackburn’s world, even death may no longer offer the familiar escape. Give Rimbaud an x-ray machine. Tie up and gag Baudelaire. Introduce Poe to bondage. Do you dare enter the realm of Bonespin Slipspace?

Bonespin Slipspace (PHP – 002) available for purchase & now shipping 

Bonespin Slipspace (PHP – 002)TBR All Hallow’s Eve



Pre-order your copy today!

Or enter to win Bonespin Slipspace by Leo X. Robertson with illustrations by Thuy Vi Pham and a devastating cover by Marc Molino. The experience of reading it has been called “the closest I’ve come to a transcendent home in literature” by one early reader and “something like David Lynch, Dante, Andre Breton, Stephen King, Georges Bataille and the Marquis de Sade hanging out on acid in a forgotten corner of Videodrome cyberspace where the fairground has come to town” by another.


Bonespin Slipspace (PHP – 002)TBR All Hallow’s Eve

PHP – 001 Governor of the Homeless by G. Arthur Brown


Available for pre-order now. Release date: May 26 2016

“G. Arthur Brown is at the forefront of a new generation of writers. One of my favorites.”

– Brian Keene, best-selling author of The Complex and The Rising

“G. Arthur Brown–already respected as a syntactically immaculate weaver of tales both comical and absurd–now ventures into the darkness to deliver us the strange and unsettling horrors of Governor of the Homeless.”

— Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of Skullcrack City

PHP – 001 Governor of the Homeless by G. Arthur Brown

We are open to submissions!

Psychedelic Horror Press is exclusively devoted to publishing a new genre entitled Psychedelic Horror.

We will publish only 1 lettered (26 copies) run of your book.

Your book will not be sold in bookstores or through online retailers. It will only be sold in our shop on Storenvy.

Your book will not be assigned an ISBN.

We will write the copyright sign and your name beside the year it is published, but we will not formally copyright it beyond that.

Length: 5,000-20,000 words

Please follow standard manuscript guidelines as outlined here.

We pay a flat rate of 50 dollars (USD) per accepted story or novella.

We ask for exclusive rights for 1 year. After this time, you may republish your story elsewhere but we ask that you mention Psychedelic Horror Press published it first.

There will be no ebooks.

My wife and I will be responsible for the art and design of your book. If you would prefer to use your own art or to use a different artist’s work who will not charge a fee, we can discuss that. However, be forewarned: we have very particular aesthetic sensibilities.

If your work gets rejected, it is most likely because we do not consider it a work of Psychedelic Horror. You will not receive specific feedback about your story. Don’t feel discouraged. You can find a more suitable home for it.

Books and writers we like that could be considered Psychedelic Horror:


The Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat
Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron by Daniel Clowes
X’ed Out, The Hive, and Sugar Skull by Charles Burns
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Phillip K. Dick
Winterwood by Patrick McCabe
Period by Dennis Cooper

Movies we like that could be considered Psychedelic Horror:

 Audition (1999)
Mulholland Drive (2001)
Brain Dead (1990)
Phantasm (1979)
Videodrome (1983)
The Lords of Salem (2012)
Santa Sangre (1989)
The Shining (1980)
Suspiria (1977)
Kuroneko (1968)
Onibaba (1965)
This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse (1967)

please send story submissions in .doc or .docx format to psychedelichorrorpress at gmail dot com with the subject “[“Your Story Title”] – [Your Last Name]”

Please include your favorite work of Psychedelic Horror.

Please include a brief bio as you would like to see it printed.

Please like us on Facebook.

We look forward to your submissions and publishing your work!

We are open to submissions!